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The Internet : JavaScript Category
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Archived Doc JavaScript Columns
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[ Added: 13-Jan-1999 | Modified: 5-Feb-2007 ]

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These JavaScript articles were written by the Doc JavaScript team (Yehuda Shiran and Tomer Shiran) between 1997 and 2002.

Conversion Calculator
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[ Added: 16-Nov-2008 | Modified: 16-Nov-2008 ]

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Length, Weight, Pressure, Volume, and Temperature Conversion Calculators written in Javascript. Also includes a link to a Currency Converter that refreshes automatically. - JavaScript Directory
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[ Added: 28-Jun-1998 | Modified: 5-Aug-2000 ]

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Resource directory for JavaScript. Some are commercial, some are shareware, some are free.

EarthWeb : JavaScripts
[ Hits: 178 | Rating: 3.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 31-Jul-1998 | Modified: 23-Sep-2000 ]

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Formerly known as "Java Goodies JavaScript Repository." Free javascripts, javascript downloads and examples at the most complete java reference library. Offering numerous online samples and tutorials, including buttons, alert boxes, games, color scripts, cookies, roll-overs and many more.

JavaScript Guide 1.1
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[ Added: 28-Jun-1998 | Modified: 28-Jun-1998 ]

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This manual is out of date. It is the JavaScript Guide for JavaScript 1.1; that is, JavaScript as used by Navigator 3.x. The current manuals are the new JavaScript Guide and JavaScript Reference. As well as having information for JavaScript 1.1, these manuals have been updated to include new information for JavaScript 1.2. In addition, the JavaScript Reference includes information on server-side JavaScript objects as well as core and client-side objects.

JavaScript Kit
[ Hits: 50 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 20-Apr-2002 | Modified: 20-Apr-2002 ]

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Formerly: Website Abstraction. Comprehensive JavaScript tutorials and over 400 free scripts. Just added a complete JavaScript Reference. Also features DHTML, CSS, and web design tutorials, and a large developer's help forum.

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[ Added: 16-Nov-2008 | Modified: 16-Nov-2008 ]

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With the recent proliferation of large web sites, many web administrators have taken to creating "Navigation Bars" at the top of related pages. The only problem is that these NavBars can be somewhat tedious to make, either by hand or by writing a perl script. Luckily, there is now a WYSIWYG NavBar editor!

The JavaScript Source
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[ Added: 28-Jun-1998 | Modified: 28-Jun-1998 ]

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The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut & paste" JavaScript examples for your web pages. All for free!

We have put together a collection of hundreds of free JavaScripts that are available to you for use on your web pages. These scripts are available via a user-friendly interface -- including a working demonstration of all the scripts and a text box with the actual JavaScript coding used.

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