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The Internet : Domain Registration Category
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A Proposal to Improve Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses
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[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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The paper set forth on this site, concerning ways to improve technical management of the Internet Domain Name System, is a proposed rule of the Department of Commerce. This same document will be published in the Federal Register in the near future. While the Department will accept comments on the paper starting today, the Federal Register publication will establish the official deadline for the acceptance of public comment on this proposed rule. Comments may be mailed to U.S. Department of Commerce, NTIA/OIA, 14th and Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20230 or sent via electronic mail to Though it is not intended or expected, should any discrepancy occur between the document set forth below and that published in the Federal Register, the Federal Register publication controls. All comments received will be considered exclusively in the context of issuing a final rule. The paper is being made available through the Internet solely as a means to facilitate the public's access to this document and to provide an additional means of notifying the public of the solicitation of public comment on the proposed rule.

ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) Whois
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[ Added: 1-Aug-1998 | Modified: 1-Aug-1998 ]

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ARINís Whois program searches ARINís database to locate information on networks, autonomous system numbers (ASNs), network-related handles, and other related Points of Contact (POCs). This search tool will not provide information relating to domains, military networks (MILNET) or networks registered through RIPE or APNIC.
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[ Added: 31-Aug-2003 | Modified: 31-Aug-2003 ]

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Pay less for domain names with Register your .com, .net and .org domains. Bulk pricing and private domain name registration options. Transfer domain names. Web hosting and email accounts available.

Discount Domains
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[ Added: 6-Mar-2000 | Modified: 6-Mar-2000 ]

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DomainCity, Low Cost Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Servers.

DNS Stuff: DNS tools, DNS hosting tests, WHOIS, traceroute, ping, and other network and domain name tools.
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[ Added: 15-May-2006 | Modified: 15-May-2006 ]

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Free fast, advanced and comprehensive web-based DNS and domain name tools for DNS hosting, going beyond just ping, tracert/traceroute, WHOIS and DNS lookups.

Domain Direct
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[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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A domain name registry service providing individuals, organizations and companies of all sizes an easy, affordable way of registering Top Level Domain names. Domain Direct will supply you with the necessary tools to launch your Internet identity to the world.

Domain Name Registries Around the World
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[ Added: 1-Aug-1998 | Modified: 11-Jun-2000 ]

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Links to domain name registeries by Top Level Domain (TLD) code (i.e., .us for United States; .hn for Honduras, etc.).

Domain Tools: Whois Lookup and Domain Suggestions
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[ Added: 15-May-2006 | Modified: 15-May-2006 ]

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Domain name search tool; allows wildcard search of current and deleted/expired whois domains.

Glossary of Domain Name Registration Related Terms
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[ Added: 1-Aug-1998 | Modified: 1-Jan-2000 ]

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A detailed description for this resource listing is not available at this time.

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[ Added: 15-Nov-1999 | Modified: 15-Nov-1999 ]

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the non-profit corporation that was formed to take over responsibility for the IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and root server system management functions now performed under U.S. Government contract by IANA and other entities.

Internet Council of Registrar - CORE
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[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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CORE is a non-profit organization founded as result of a plan initiated by the Internet Society (ISOC) and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) in Fall 1996 to add new structure, free enterprise and competition to the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) when the old monopoly on .com, .org and .net ends in 1998.

Funded by its registrars and pursuing an aggressive development program, CORE is the world leader in developing the protocols, procedures, systems and software to administer competitive domain name registration. Its Shared Registry System (SRS) and Domain Name Service are deployed on computer systems around the world. The organization operates according to well-defined standards, global constitution and ethics documented in the generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Memo of Understanding (MoU), which has been signed by more than 200 major companies throughout the world.

In a deregulated Internet, CORE will administer the registration of new domain names available through independent registrars on five continents. For the first time, Internet users everywhere will be able to shop for the best service and fairest prices rather than being limited to dealing with a single for-profit registry.

NetNames - The International Domain Name Registry
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[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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NetNames specialises in registering Domain Names in every internet domain around the globe. Our services range from one-off registrations for small business and individuals to large complex projects in over 200 countries, for clients that include, 3M Corporation, Citibank, Netscape and Excite.

From one-off individual registrations, through to global packages, NetNames prides itself in offering its customers the highest standards of service, combined with a raft of FREE value-added services to make using your domain names as quick and simple as possible. Contact any of our offices, and take the first step towards Total Domain Management.

Network Solutions
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[ Added: 24-May-1998 | Modified: 14-Oct-2001 ]

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Visit for domain names and web address information, building a web site details, domain search, and personalized email.

[ Hits: 41 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 1-Aug-1998 | Modified: 1-Aug-1998 ]

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Registration activities for Mexico. This page is in English. A Spanish language version is also available.

Quickdomains - Instant Affordable Domain Registration
[ Hits: 170 | Rating: 1.40 | Votes: 5 ]
[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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Quickdomains is designed to be the fastest simplest cheapest Domain Name registration process on the Internet. Brought to you by NetNames, we have been registering domain names around the world for over five years.

We accept online orders via our secure credit card server and offer Domain Names plus full web and email forwarding for two years at an unbeatable one off price. Registrations are completed in a couple of hours and are live and working for you within one day.

The 7 New Domains
Quickdomains will be registering names in the new domains of .shop, .firm, .info, .web, .arts, .rec, .nom as soon as they are live. We are NOW taking no fee advance reservations for these names: just click on the new domains logo above. More information about the new domains is available at our site. Our parent company, is an approved Registrar for the new Top Level Domains.

RIPE NCC: Whois Queries
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[ Added: 1-Aug-1998 | Modified: 15-Jan-2000 ]

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Form to lookup European related Internet information.

The Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU)
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[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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The Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU) is the international framework in which policies for the administration and enhancement of the Internet's generic Domain Name System (DNS) are developed and deployed. These policies are developed in cooperation with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), who manages the root of the Domain Name System (DNS) to promote stability and robustness.

The US Domain Registration Services
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[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 11-Jun-2000 ]

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Administered by The US Domain Registry at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California (USC-ISI) in Marina del Rey, California, under the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority IANA.

Tonic - National Domain Name Registry
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[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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Tonic offers automated registration of domain names in the .TO top level domain. .TO is a country code top level domain which has been in existence for many years. It is not part of the new gTLD scheme proposed by CORE, and it is also not affected by the new White House plans for domain names. .TO names work worldwide exactly the same as do .COM names.
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[ Added: 1-Aug-1998 | Modified: 28-Apr-2001 ]

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Formerly, Canadian (CA) Domain Registration. Webnames has proudly served Canada as the official registrar of every .ca domain name since 1988.

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