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Gossamer (16)

Scripts and more from Gossamer Threads and their customers.


BigNoseBird.Com's CGI-BIN Page
[ Hits: 1,617 | Rating: 9.50 | Votes: 4 ]
[ Added: 26-Jun-1998 | Modified: 26-Jun-1998 ]

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The difference between a virtual billboard and an interactive web site, is having the ability to get information from your reader, or to tailor your pages to their needs. The Web provides a mechanism for accomplishing this, CGI-BIN, the Common Gateway Interface. BigNoseBird.Com provides you with the tools to do the most wanted functions! In addition to CGI, check out the Server Side Includes (SSI) page.

Cdomain Software
[ Hits: 100 | Rating: 9.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 26-Jun-1998 | Modified: 2-Oct-1999 ]

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Cdomain products are easy to install CGI applications that enable users on the World Wide Web to research domain name availability or find out about the contact information of a given domain. Cdomain products can be used by individuals or companies to make it easy to choose a domain name, or by technical folk who need a tool to easily research Domain records. The benefit of our Cdomain products is that instead of simply spitting out a raw whois record to a potentially novice user, Cdomain kindly states whether or not the domain is registered and prints a link to the full whois record for those who are interested. Cdomain products are especially useful to Web Hosting companies, as Cdomain allows their prospective customers to easily research the availability of and select a domain name. All Cdomain products now support the Shared Registration System; this means that Cdomain can check the availability and full details of domains registered through alternate registrars, such as DomainBank.

CGI Developer's Guide
[ Hits: 123 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 3-Jul-1998 | Modified: 14-Apr-2001 ]

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CGI Developer's Guide is meant to be a comprehensive user's guide, reference manual, and tutorial to CGI programming. While I specifically use C and Perl in my examples, the concepts are applicable to all languages. The prerequisites are knowledge of any computer language (preferably C or Perl) and some basic familiarity with the World Wide Web.

[ Hits: 131 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 26-Jun-1998 | Modified: 26-Jun-1998 ]

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The internet tool that makes web form creation easy. No programming or CGI knowledge required! Web interactivity is the essential ingredient for a successful Internet-based business, whether it is commercial, academic or social. CGI*StarPro enables you to achieve it without any programming requirement.
[ Hits: 172 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 26-Jun-1998 | Modified: 10-Feb-2007 ]

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Formerly CGI World Online. CGI-World.Com develops high end, quality CGI Scripts that will quickly enhance your web site and its presence." We offer every day web site solutions. An I2-Services company.

[ Hits: 67 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 28-Nov-2004 ]

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After hit counters and guestbooks, the most desired CGI functionality is the ability to email a user's form data to the owner of a web page. Here's a Perl script that does that. You can use the script without trying to understand how it works, but it illustrates several basic features of CGI programming. This is a PHP script.
[ Hits: 123 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 28-Jun-1998 | Modified: 5-Aug-2000 ]

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Resource directory for scripts and programs. Some are commercial, some are shareware, some are free.

Discus and Discus Pro
[ Hits: 96 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 31-Aug-1999 | Modified: 26-Jan-2002 ]

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Discus and Discus Pro are discussion board software packages that can be installed onto nearly any unix or Windows web server. Over 50,000 customers have implemented DiscusWare's software products on their web sites, and thousands of Discus Pro licenses have been purchased.

Earl's Perl's
[ Hits: 147 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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This is a list of Perl software that I (Earl) have developed. All the software is distributed under the GNU General Public License and/or the Artistic License that comes with Perl, unless stated otherwise in the distribution bundle of each software item. Make sure to check the software itself to verify the conditions of distribution and usage. Alternate agreements may be arranged if you are uncomfortable with license for a software item. Please contact me if if this is what you desire.

[ Hits: 59 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 31-Aug-1999 | Modified: 31-Aug-2002 ]

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Ecartis (formerly known as Listar is a from-scratch implementation of a mailing list management software. It has a lot of similarities to Listserv which was one of it's inspirations, but has been written to support the features and abilities that the authors felt were lacking (or hard to modify/change) in some of the other list management programs available. It's main flexibility is that it is written around a plugin layer (similar to Apache) and this affords the ability to customize and extend the manager in ways that otherwise would be hard.

[ Hits: 69 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 2-Oct-1999 | Modified: 2-Oct-1999 ]

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Embperl gives you the power to embed Perl code in your HTML documents. Using Perl means being able to use a very elaborate programming language, which is widely used for WWW purposes. You can also use hundreds of Perl modules which have already been written - including DBI - for database access to a growing number of database systems.

Joe's Free CGI Scripts From The Crypt
[ Hits: 139 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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Won't you come into my truly distressing CRYPT of PERL CGI SCRIPTS and get a FREE "piece of my mind"?

You can learn how to operate and use each script by browsing these pages. Follow the links on this page to read through the scripts online or download ZIP files.

There is NO Technical Support for these scripts! Scriptkeeper is a Self-Taught Programmer! That means "axe" no questions and hear no lies! Requests for individual assistance will NOT be answered. But a far worse fate awaits those who offer to PAY for support! Not only will their E-Mail not be answered, but the Scriptkeeper will also put a curse on their first born.. Think about it.. Is is worth that?

Matt's Script Archive
[ Hits: 130 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 25-May-1998 | Modified: 25-May-2002 ]

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Does your ISP allow you to use CGI scripts on your web pages but you don't know how to write them? Matt has a script for just about anything you can think of and they're all downloadable!

Perl Coders
[ Hits: 73 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 15-Jul-2001 | Modified: 15-Jul-2001 ]

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PerlCoders is one of the biggest and best CGI supersites for site automation and traffic generation tools on the net. This is the Home to AVSMaker and many other great scripts!

Perlfect Search
[ Hits: 72 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 2-Oct-1999 | Modified: 2-Oct-1999 ]

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Perlfect Search is a sophisticated, powerful, versatile, customizable and effective site indexing/searching suite freely available under an open source licence. It comes as a pair of disctinct scripts. The indexer, that automatically, scans and indexes a web site, and the search engine, a cgi script that serves search queries for keywords over the index, and displays results pages in html, in a standard format including title, description and relevance ranking for each matching document. Advanced features include stopwords, a potent exclude mechanism and a handy automatic installation and configuration utility. The 3.03 version includes very advanced search and indexing features and is essentially a complete rewrite.

ScriptSearch, The World's Largest CGI Library
[ Hits: 166 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 14-Dec-1998 | Modified: 14-Dec-1998 ]

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At ScriptSearch, we have catalogued and indexed all of the scripts we collected and have provided them for your perusal.

The CGI Resource Index
[ Hits: 131 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 2 ]
[ Added: 24-May-1998 | Modified: 24-May-1998 ]

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The FastCGI Home Page
[ Hits: 54 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 8-Dec-1998 | Modified: 8-Dec-1998 ]

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This alternative FastCGI home page exists to help promote the use and development of FastCGI. Bug fixes (whenever available) will be quickly provided here. The old site is available for now here.

The PHP Resource Index
[ Hits: 42 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 6-Apr-2002 | Modified: 6-Apr-2002 ]

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[ Hits: 67 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 8-Dec-1998 | Modified: 4-Feb-2007 ]

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Formerly known as Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB). Whether you need a community solution to integrate with your website or you want your community to be your website, UBB.threads suits your needs. No matter if you have a small, medium or large site, our software can scale to your needs.

With the integrated portal you can create your entire website using UBB.threads. If you already have a website, the portal can be turned off for a full-featured forum solution.

[ Hits: 73 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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Perl Scripts by Darryl C. Burgdorf. The scripts can all be used and modified freely, though they should not be redistributed without permission. Some are freeware, and won't cost you a dime; others are shareware, for which a modest registration fee is reqyested. The scripts are compatible with both Perl 4 and Perl 5, but as they are designed for UNIX, they may require some modification before they'll work on other systems.

Yahoo! - CGI Links
[ Hits: 85 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 27-Jun-1998 | Modified: 27-Jun-1998 ]

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A CGI resource list on Yahoo!

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