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CenterWatch Clinical Trials: Diabetes Mellitus Types I and II
[ Hits: 489 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 24-May-1998 | Modified: 25-Nov-2000 ]

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This clinical study is now completed!

Diabetes Education and Research Center
[ Hits: 890 | Rating: 6.50 | Votes: 2 ]
[ Added: 20-May-1998 | Modified: 28-Jul-2001 ]

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Established in 1967, the Philadelphia-based Diabetes Education and Research Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improved health of people with diabetes. Our Center provides training and education to people with diabetes, their families, and care givers; conducts research; and involves itself in local and national diabetes forums.

Diabetes Health Economics Study Group (DHSEG)
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[ Added: 24-May-1998 | Modified: 24-May-1998 ]

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The DHESG seeks to enhance communication about economic issues in diabetes care, and establish collaborative efforts in the reporting and dissemination of diabetes economics research. This page provides a link to the activities of the study group as well as a number of Internet accessible resources related to the economic issues of diabetes and diabetes care.

Diabetes Prevention Trial - Type 1
[ Hits: 24 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 3-Jun-2004 | Modified: 3-Jun-2004 ]

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The Diabetes Prevention Trial (DPT-l) is a randomized, controlled clinical trial designed to determine if it is possible to prevent or delay the onset of Type 1, or Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM), in people predicted to be at risk for this disease. The DPT-l is a multi-centered study sponsored by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), in cooperation with the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, the National Center for Research Resources, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International, and the American Diabetes Association. The DPT-1 started in early 1994 and will be carried out at medical centers around the nation for six years. NOTE: The DPT-1 is no longer screening for new patients.

Diabetes Research & Treatment Centre
[ Hits: 74 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 31-Mar-2002 | Modified: 31-Mar-2002 ]

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The DRTC is an interdisciplinary centre whose function is to promote research, education and treatment of diabetes in Manitoba.

Diabetes Research Institute
[ Hits: 267 | Rating: 7.50 | Votes: 2 ]
[ Added: 24-Jun-1998 | Modified: 26-Feb-2006 ]

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The Diabetes Research Institute is a recognized world leader in cure-focused research. Pioneering new technologies in islet transplantation and other cellular therapies since the early 1970ís, the DRI has successfully reversed type 1 diabetes in patients participating in ongoing clinical trials. Note: Formerly known as DRINet: Diabetes Research International Network.

Diabetes Research Laboratories (DRL)
[ Hits: 65 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 31-Mar-2002 | Modified: 31-Mar-2002 ]

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The Diabetes Research Laboratories (DRL), founded by Professor Robert Turner in 1976 have become one of the largest and most successful clinical research units in Europe. Following Professor Turner's sudden death in August 1999, Professor Rury Holman (Head of the Diabetes Trials Unit) has been appointed as Acting Head of the DRL until such time as new appointment can be made. Situated in the Radcliffe Infirmary, the DRL forms an integral part of the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM).

Insulin Adjustment for Traveling with Diabetes
[ Hits: 77 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 28-Jan-2000 | Modified: 30-Oct-2004 ]

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We have an exciting new study for people with diabetes who are taking insulin and who are planning a journey over 4 or more time zones. If you find insulin adjustment for time zone changes a challenge when you are away from home, you may be interested in our study.

Joslin Diabetes Center
[ Hits: 203 | Rating: 9.50 | Votes: 2 ]
[ Added: 24-May-1998 | Modified: 24-May-1998 ]

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Joslin Diabetes Center is an international leader in diabetes research, treatment and patient and professional education established in 1898 in Boston, MA. Joslin is affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Many important innovations in diabetes research, including laser treatment for diabetic eye disease, strategies for identifying and perhaps preventing Type I diabetes, and strategies to enable women with diabetes to give birth to healthy babies were developed with the help of clinical staff and researchers at Joslin.

Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center
[ Hits: 93 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 3-Apr-2002 | Modified: 3-Apr-2002 ]

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The Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center (MDRTC) is a multidisciplinary unit of The University of Michigan Health System. It has been funded by the National Institutes of Health since 1977 and is one of six centers in the United States.

The Center exists to meet the needs of investigators and thereby support and strengthen the University's interdepartmental activities in research, training and outreach in the field of diabetes, its complications and related endocrinology and metabolism disorders. The resources provided by the Diabetes Center have expanded and enriched the base of investigators involved in diabetes research,the Center's most important resource, and have orchestrated innovative multidisciplinary programs throughout its existence.

The overall goals of the Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center are to:

  1. Facilitate and focus basic molecular and cellular research in the area of diabetes and related metabolic and endocrine disorders.
  2. Promote the validation and application of relevant new basic knowledge in the clinical arena through rational, innovative and streamlined clinical, epidemiological and outcomes research.
  3. Evaluate, refine and disseminate new clinical knowledge regarding diabetes and related disorders into community health practices, especially in those communities at increased risk.
  4. Recruit, train, motivate and retain an effective pool of basic and clinical investigators and health care professional personnel in the area of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism.

Pain Research Group - Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
[ Hits: 55 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 3-Dec-2001 | Modified: 3-Dec-2001 ]

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DO YOU HAVE PAIN FROM YOUR DIABETES? If so, you might be eligible to participate in a research study.

The Massachusetts General Hospital is conducting research to evaluate an investigational drug for treating pain caused by nerve damage as a result of diabetes. Individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 with diabetes who have pain in the feet may be eligible. Study-related medical care is free. A stipend will be provided. For information about this study, please contact Kate Jenkins at (617) 724-0330 or email

Pima Indians: Pathfinders for Health
[ Hits: 91 | Rating: 7.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 24-May-1998 | Modified: 24-Apr-1999 ]

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"The Pima Indians are giving a great gift to the world by continuing to volunteer for research studies. Their generosity contributes to better health for all people, and we are all in their debt," says Dr. Peter Bennett, Chief of the Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch of the NIDDK.

The Islet Foundation
[ Hits: 200 | Rating: 9.00 | Votes: 1 ]
[ Added: 20-Sep-1998 | Modified: 20-Sep-1998 ]

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The Islet Foundation is different, focusing its resources to advance one specific line of research from the laboratory to human trials and, ultimately, to a routine cure for insulin-dependent diabetes. Rather than spread its resources among many diabetic management and research initiatives, TIF is betting on a single body of research, one which many researchers feel is the most likely to result in a near-term cure.

Whittier Institute for Diabetes
[ Hits: 123 | Rating: 0.00 | Votes: 0 ]
[ Added: 24-May-1998 | Modified: 16-Jan-2005 ]

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The Whittier Institute provides resources for innovative diabetes research, education, and patient care. The Whittier acts as a catalyst for collaboration among leading organizations to effect a cure for diabetes.

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