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Animals (3)

Our pets get diabetes too!
Complications (10)

Informational sites related to the variety of complications associated with diabetes.
General (47)

Informational sites with general information concerning all types of diabetes.
Gestational (4)

Informational sites related to Gestational Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes (1)

Informational sites related to Type 1 Diabetes.
Type 2 Diabetes (3)

Informational sites related to Type 2 Diabetes.


Diabetes and Life Insurance - Consumer Awareness and Protection
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[ Added: 10-Jul-2003 | Modified: 10-Jul-2003 ]

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Please take advantage of our free consumer information service, to learn which life insurance products diabetics qualify for -- along with an accurate cost assessment -- before you submit an application to any life insurance company. Why should you do this? You see, every time you are declined or rated on a life insurance application, your application history is adversely affected, and your eligibility for future life insurance applications is jeopardized. Yes, life insurance companies share your application history information with each other. As a diabetic, you may have been declined or rated, already. However, with accurate consumer information, you may safely resume the life insurance application process.

Diabetes Chart
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[ Added: 25-Sep-2009 | Modified: 25-Sep-2009 ]

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Free charts and tools to better understand, track and manage blood glucose.

Diabetes Post - Diabetes Information
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[ Added: 2-Feb-2006 | Modified: 2-Feb-2006 ]

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Diabetes affects 1 in 20 people world wide and is rapidly growing. Westernization of people's lifestyles is leading to a rapid spread of type 2 diabetes, particularly in developing countries. DiabetesPost provides information and research on this upcoming epidemic. Furthermore, DiabetesPost will provide information on current and future treatment options, and also lifestyle decisions such as diet and excercise regimens as preventitive medicine against diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes Talk Radio
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[ Added: 6-Oct-2003 | Modified: 6-Oct-2003 ]

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Diabetes Talk Radio will impact lives today by assisting those in need with valuable and timely information while utilizing the latest in communication technology and delivering it with a lighthearted flair. Each week please tell a friend and come back to listen to our show LIVE every Tuesday from 1-3pm, PT (4-7pm, ET). As an added service, all shows are archived by segment and topic for your listening convenience 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
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[ Added: 14-Jun-2005 | Modified: 23-Jul-2005 ]

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Formerlly known as
Brought to you by: GlaxoSmithKline

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[ Added: 31-Mar-2002 | Modified: 27-Dec-2004 ]

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Formerly Diabetes Education Network. HealthTalk is dedicated to providing you with the latest information and connecting you directly to trusted experts on advanced treatments and disease management.

Yahoo Health Diabetes Health Center
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[ Added: 23-Jul-2005 | Modified: 23-Jul-2005 ]

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Find information on type I, type II & gestational diabetes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, living with diabetes, children and diabetes and more.

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