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Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes
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[ Added: 20-May-1998 | Modified: 20-May-1998 ]

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The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes is the largest diabetes and endocrine care program in the Colorado community. The Center is managed as a distinct administrative unit of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and is located within a building on the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center campus in Denver, Colorado. In 1978, Marvin Davis generously provided funds for the construction of the building. The Center was open in 1980 and has undergone expansions in 1983, 1986, and most recently, in 1994. Its independent budget, fund raising and endowments provide unique facilities and resources for clinicians, clinical researchers and basic biomedical scientists working to help patients with Type I diabetes. The Center provides state-of-the-art clinical diabetes care to a majority of children and many adults within the Rocky Mountain Region as well as receiving national and international referrals.

Camp Sweeney
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[ Added: 21-May-1998 | Modified: 21-May-1998 ]

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Camp Sweeney is one of few camps in the country designed specifically for kids with diabetes. The only requirement to attend is that a camper have diabetes. No camper has ever been turned away from Camp Sweeney because of race, religion, color, nationality, age or financial need.

Diabetes and Hormone Center of the Pacific
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[ Added: 20-May-1998 | Modified: 20-May-1998 ]

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Dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and up to date methods of diagnosis and treatment available for patients with Diabetes or Hormonal (Endocrine) problems. Our staff is recognized both nationally and internationally. As well as treating patients from Hawaii, our multilingual staff also sees patients from the continental U.S. , Australia, Canada, Guam, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and throughout South-East Asia and the Pacific Basin.

International Diabetes Institute (IDI)
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[ Added: 21-Apr-2002 | Modified: 21-Apr-2002 ]

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During the past 20 years the Institute has ensured that clients have received the most efficient and caring treatment of Diabetes, through the development of an integrated management program. Our specialists encourage their patients to take advantage of the services provided at the Institute and health professionals advise clients about nutrition, exercise and support information available in both print and electronic forms.

Lifestyle Center of America
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[ Added: 27-Aug-1998 | Modified: 14-Dec-2002 ]

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Located in Oklahoma, Lifestyle Center of America is a Christian, world-class preventive care provider. Our Physician-supervised residential lifestyle programs can help prevent or reverse many ailments.

The Diabetes Society of Santa Clara Valley's California Camping Programs
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[ Added: 20-May-1998 | Modified: 20-May-1998 ]

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Our mission is to raise community awareness of diabetes, to empower those individuals with diabetes to improve their overall well-being and lifestyle and to support medical research towards preventing complications and finding a cure.

PROGRAM GOALS: To have fun, to gain a better understanding of diabetes, to develop confidence in effective diabetes self management techniques, to learn and expand social skills - effective communication, interpersonal relations, social values, independence and group living.

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