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Cedars-Sinai Physician Offers Tips to Maintain a Healthy Holiday Balance
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[ Added: 7-Nov-2002 | Modified: 7-Nov-2002 ]

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LOS ANGELES, November 1, 2002 (NewsWise) -- Holiday celebrations offer temptation for partygoers to abandon healthy nutrition habits, but calorie-laden festivities pose a special challenge to the 16 million Americans who have diabetes. "The key to successfully navigating the holiday season," says Riccardo Perfetti, M.D., Director of the Endocrine Training Program and of the Outpatient Diabetes and Weight Management programs at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, "is to remember that even though you can take a holiday, your diabetes never does. We can teach patients how to enjoy the holidays and keep diabetes under control."

Cooking Up a Balance
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[ Added: 14-Jun-2002 | Modified: 14-Jun-2002 ]

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Last year, in the middle of a teenage whirl of high school, friends and sports, Emma Lowenstein's life changed. The Chevy Chase, Md., teenager, now 15, was diagnosed with type 1, or juvenile, diabetes.

Diabetic Duo Reach Pole
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[ Added: 24-Jan-2003 | Modified: 24-Jan-2003 ]

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SATURDAY, January 18 (BBC) -- A diabetic father and son have reached the South Pole after a record-breaking trek that raised tens of thousands of pounds for research.

Diabetic to Participate in 'Around Alone 2002/2003'
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[ Added: 12-Sep-2002 | Modified: 12-Sep-2002 ]

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NEWPORT, R.I., September 12 (PRNewswire) -- John Dennis, a 57-year old business executive from Toronto, has successfully completed all of the preliminary testing and is ready for the start of the global, solo sailing race "Around Alone 2002/2003." Fewer than 50 people have ever sailed around the world alone, and now John is the first skipper to attempt this feat with diabetes. It has never been done before! Dennis will be at the helm of his 50-foot sailboat named Ascensia(TM) in honor of his principle sponsor, Bayer. Ascensia is the new global brand name for Bayer's self-management diabetes monitors and services.

Managing Diabetes Hard for Homeless
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[ Added: 8-Jul-2002 | Modified: 8-Jul-2002 ]

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After eating two helpings of spaghetti and meatballs and stashing some chocolate-flavored marshmallow snack pies in a plastic shopping bag for tomorrow's breakfast and lunch, Andres disappears into the men's room of a New Jersey homeless shelter to give himself an insulin shot.

Patients with diabetes have poor control of risk factors for vascular disease
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[ Added: 8-Feb-2004 | Modified: 8-Feb-2004 ]

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Despite recommendations on the importance of controlling risk factors such as blood pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol levels for preventing vascular disease, only seven percent of patients with diabetes control these factors as needed, according to a study in the January 21 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Portable kidney dialysis machine developed
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[ Added: 8-Feb-2004 | Modified: 8-Feb-2004 ]

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A Portland company is using an emerging microtechnology from Oregon State University to develop a portable kidney dialysis machine that will make in-home treatment a reality, enabling hundreds of thousands of people afflicted with kidney failure to treat themselves at home instead of traveling to dialysis clinics three days a week.

Pumped Up Golfer Swings Into Action
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[ Added: 20-Sep-2002 | Modified: 20-Sep-2002 ]

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When Scott Verplank takes to the fairway as part of the US Ryder Cup team next Thursday, he will be controlling his diabetes not through injections, but through an insulin pump.

School Sued Over Diabetic Ban
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[ Added: 16-Nov-2000 | Modified: 16-Nov-2000 ]

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A grammar school is facing legal action after stopping a diabetic pupil from going on school trips overseas.

Seattle's Sinclair Diagnosed With Diabetes
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[ Added: 13-May-1999 | Modified: 13-May-1999 ]

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"Right now, my body feels great," said Sinclair, who is participating in a Seahawks' minicamp. "But this is uncharted territory."

Sugar Was My Best Food, Diabetes and Me
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[ Added: 14-Jun-2000 | Modified: 14-Jun-2000 ]

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This segment is from National Public Radio's Weekend All Things Considered, Saturday, April 25,1998. Jacki speaks to 12-year old Adair Gregory, who has just written a book called, "Sugar Was My Best Food, Diabetes and Me". When Gregory found out he had diabetes four years ago, he tried desparately to understand what was happening to his body but he says he couldn't relate to the adult style books so he decided to write his own. Published by Albert Whitman & Company. Adair Gregory can be reached via e-mail: (Requires RealAudio Player, 7:00 minutes in length.) This book is available from Bob's Good Stuff Lists : Bookstore in both School & Library Binding and Paperback versions.

Susan Ager: Life Without Diabetes Scary to Consider
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[ Added: 14-Jun-2000 | Modified: 14-Jun-2000 ]

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A disease can grow on you. If you must pay it attention almost every hour of every day, it does more than grow on top of your skin. It sinks in, down under, and makes itself at home in your spirit, where the two of you are forced to coexist.

Tips On How To Travel With Diabetes
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[ Added: 23-Oct-2004 | Modified: 23-Oct-2004 ]

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Just because you have diabetes does not mean you can not take a camping trip or go on cruise or travel anywhere to enjoy yourself.

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