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The Computer : Communications Category
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Advanced Dialer™
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[ Added: 1-Aug-1998 | Modified: 1-Aug-1998 ]

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Advanced Dialer dials multiple lines and reconnects automatically. Also it schedules connections and runs programs on connection. Program logs connections and creates a chart.

Hilgraeve Inc
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[ Added: 23-May-1998 | Modified: 23-May-1998 ]

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Founded in 1980, Hilgraeve is a leading developer and manufacturer of asynchronous communications software for IBM-compatible desktop and portable PCs. Hilgraeve's products have consistently won top industry awards in the general-purpose communications software category for being easier to use, faster, and more reliable. Hilgraeve produces retail, shrink-wrapped communications software for Windows, OS/2 and DOS, and provides reduced-feature-set versions to Intel and Motorola to bundle with modems, IBM to bundle with OS/2 Warp, and Microsoft with Windows 95. Hilgraeve's current software list includes:
  • HyperACCESS for Windows 95 and NT:
    The Most Advanced Communications Software, Web-Enabled! Current Version: 8.0
  • HyperACCESS Pro for OS/2 with HyperHost:
    Communications software for OS/2 with Remote Control, Current Version: 7.0
  • HyperACCESS:
    Communications software for Windows, Current Version: 2.1
  • KopyKat:
    Remote control software for OS/2, Current Version: 1.21
  • HyperACCESS for OS/2:
    Communications software for OS/2, Current Version: 6.01
  • HyperACCESS for DOS:
    Communications software for DOS and OS/2. Links to more HyperACCESS/5 information on the Hilgraeve BBS
  • HyperTerminal Private Edition:
    Hilgraeve's update to the HyperTerminal communications applet that ships with Windows 95. Current Version 2.0 (4/15/96)
  • HyperACCESS Lite for OS/2:
    Latest release of the communications software applet that comes bundled with OS/2 Warp

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