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[ Added: 31-Jul-1998 | Modified: 31-Jul-1998 ]

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This is the official, public access web site for the U.S. Department of Defense and is the starting point for finding military information on the Internet.

FDA Consumer Health Information
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[ Added: 7-May-2007 | Modified: 7-May-2007 ]

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The Food and Drug Administration's source for consumer health and safety information.

Federal Consumer Information Center (FCIC)
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[ Added: 5-Aug-1998 | Modified: 5-Aug-1998 ]

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We have full text versions of hundreds of the best federal consumer publications available. View them for FREE or you can purchase printed copies at our online ordering site! Select a category to see the publications in our latest Catalog, check out Special Stuff to see other great information that isn't currently in our Catalog, or use our Search to zero in on just what you're looking for. This service is provided by the Consumer Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration.

General Services Administration (GSA)
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[ Added: 5-Aug-1998 | Modified: 5-Aug-1998 ]

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GSA provides expertly managed space, supplies, services, and solutions, at the best value, to enable Federal employees to accomplish their missions. GSA is about great work environments--wherever government works, whether in an office building, a warehouse, a national forest, or a government car. In support of this mission, GSA provides workspace, security, furniture, equipment, supplies, tools, computers, and telephones. GSA also provides travel and transportation services, manages the Federal motor vehicle fleet, oversees telecommuting centers and Federal child care centers, preserves historic buildings, manages a fine arts program, and develops, advocates, and evaluates governmentwide policy.

Small Business Administration
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[ Added: 28-May-1998 | Modified: 28-May-1998 ]

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The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created by Congress in 1953 to help America's entrepreneurs form successful small enterprises. Today, SBA's program offices in every state offer financing, training and advocacy for small firms. These programs are delivered by SBA offices in every state, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. In addition, the SBA works with thousands of lending, educational and training institutions nationwide.

United States Department of Treasury
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[ Added: 31-Jul-1998 | Modified: 31-Jul-1998 ]

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The Department of the Treasury is organized into two major components: the Departmental offices and the operating bureaus. The Departmental Offices are primarily responsible for the formulation of policy and management of the Department as a whole, while the operating bureaus carry out the specific operations assigned to the Department. Our bureaus make up 98% of the Treasury work force.

Welcome To The White House
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[ Added: 31-Jul-1998 | Modified: 8-Jul-2000 ]

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