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Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
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[ Added: 24-May-1998 | Modified: 19-May-2000 ]

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Formerly known as "Accessible HTML Guidelines". The W3C's commitment to lead the Web to its full potential includes promoting a high degree of usability for people with disabilities. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), in coordination with organizations around the world, is pursuing accessibility of the Web through five primary areas of work: technology, guidelines, tools, education and outreach, and research and development. For a list of links to other sites concerned with disabled people using the internet (to include a utility to auto-check your own web documents), check out Jim Lubin's Accessible Web Page Design site.

Web Style Sheets
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[ Added: 13-Jan-1999 | Modified: 13-Jan-1999 ]

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All about style sheets from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

WebMonkey: Stylesheets Guide
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[ Added: 9-Mar-1999 | Modified: 1-Jan-2000 ]

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CSS (cascading stylesheets) is a simple mechanism for controlling the style of a Web document without compromising its structure. By separating visual design elements (fonts, colors, margins, and so on) from the structural logic of a Web page, CSS give Web designers the control they crave without sacrificing the integrity of the data - thus maintaining its usability in multiple environments. In addition, defining typographic design and page layout from within a single, distinct block of code - without having to resort to image maps, tags, tables, and spacer GIFs - allows for faster downloads, streamlined site maintenance, and instantaneous global control of design attributes across multiple pages.

WPP - The Web Preprocessor
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[ Added: 28-Jun-1998 | Modified: 18-May-2002 ]

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WPP is a small perl5 script that allows preprocessing of html files. You can define variables, which are abbreviations for longer constructs, and include common html fragments. It's useful for giving an uniform layout to different html pages. It can be used in cgi-bin programs for automatic generation of pages. With less html code inside them you can make more flexible and readable scripts.

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